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Google Ads Strategies for Small Business

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Why Pay-per-Click Advertising is Essential to Your Business


of Internet search
happens on Google.


average Return on Investment
(ROI) for PPC ads

740 billion

projected Digital Advertising
Spend in 2024

Your Time Is Your Most Precious Commodity.

We Manage Your Pay per Click Marketing So You Can Better Serve Your Clients


Industry & Competitor Research

Google Ads Campaign Setup & Optimization


Persuasive Ads to Attract More Visitors

Bid Management to Maximize Your ROI

Geo-Targeted Keywords to Reach Local clients


Optimization Updates and Reports

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Competitor / Industry Analysis
We research how you compare against your competitors and where you stand in the marketplace.
PPC Best Practices
We identify key areas of your AdWords account that need improvement.
We analyze your campaign structure, ad copy, keywords, bid adjustments, tracking, etc.
Website Audit
We analyze if your website is optimized for conversions and provide strategies to improve it.
Q and A
We answer any specific questions you may have regarding your digital marketing strategy.
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